Cutting and bending line

Cutting and bending line

The machine is composed of two main modules, which are the straightener, and the cutting and banding
block, that included shearer and the bender.
Other modules are also available:
Introducer 4 sheet;
Ribbing / corrugating module;
Notching module with two “U” and “V” forms.
Plasma cutting module;
Transversal treaded;
Longitudinal treaded;
The system is controlled by a PC with WindowsXP Embedded installed in the electric cabinet.
The program BRAVO is easy and intuitive, and allows the user to use the machine and to introduce the
data for the ducts production.
“The data can be transmitted also by lan or by USB pen drive.
The possible productions are:
Type 0: sheets cut;
Type 1: whole channel;
Type 2: duct in 2 pieces (“L”);
Type 3: duct in 2 pieces (“U” + cover);
Type 4: duct in 4 pieces.
Other 95 type of forms are realizable by the user.
In every type of duct it is possible to enable/disable the following productions:
“U” trimming in the joints;
“V” trimming in the bended points;
Partial corrugating;
Holes or other forms realizable by the user;
Transversal treaded;
Longitudinal treaded;
The workable thickness goes from 0,5 to 1,5 mm for the galvanized sheet, and from 0,5 to 1,25 for the
stainless steel sheet.
The widths change from 1250 to 1500 mm.
Technical Data
Straightening, flattening machine with 5 chromium-plated rollers diameter 90 mm; pair of drawing,
gummed rollers “Vulkolan” diameter 120 mm. Double chain transmission.
Powered by ABB brushless motors.
Cutting and bending group
Useful widht: from 1250 to 1500 mm.
Shear for sheet’s cut, hydraulic motion with torsion bar.
Bender with hydraulic motion.
Max thickness: 1,5 mm (for sheet of 40 Kg/m2).(1,25 for the stainless steel sheet.)
Ribbing/Corrugating group
Ribbing / corrugating group for the longitudinal supports’ production, with the possibility to adjust and
exclude the supports. Hydraulic motion and reinforced steel rollers diameter 120 mm.
Automatic introducer 4 sheets, with adjustable guides, which can be put on lenghts from 1250 to 1500
Driving, gummed rollers and locking pliers for unused sheets.
Cutting plasma module
Equipped with plasma generator CEBORA 60/60 T 60 A.
Positioning on the sheet by plate with 5 supports spheres
Vacuum cleaner filter excluded.
Transversal treaded
Composed of 2 pair of rollers for the making of the snap flange.
Longitudinal treaded
It is used for the formation of the male edge 90° with snap block system.
Manual expansion of the central mandril and adjustable brake.
Support stand for fixed or mobile post, sliding on guides.
Capacity: 5.000 Kg.
In order to improve the product Eurosoft reserves the right to make changes without notice.

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