Sector expander machine

Sector expander machine

Hydraulic machine for forming rims to connect sectors for circular bends.
Electro-welded frame.
Base plate milled and machined on machining centre.
Controlled by PLC system.
Hydraulic control unit.
Lateral hydraulic cylinders for closure and cone-shaped adjustable central expander with ring nut on the lower
Templates: the shapes on the sectors are created using moulds with an internal and external matrix for each
corresponding diameter.
Diameter from 80 mm – up to 400 mm.
Thickness: from 0,4 mm up to 0,6 mm, according to the construction of the moulds material stainless steel.
CE Marks and declaration of Conformity
Dimensions: L 1300 mm – P 950 mm – H 900 mm.
Power supply: 380 V – 3 Phases – 50 Hz – 4KW.
Tooling: internal and external matrix changed in approx. 5 min.
Production: 5 seconds machining cycle, production of 100 complete bends per hour.
Weight: 600,00 Kg.
Tool set:
From Diameter 80 mm to Diameter 200 mm
From Diameter 220 mm to Diameter 400 mm
Are available 3 set of tools for each diameter:
– with angle of 22.5° (1+2 sectors for elbow 90°)
– with angle of da 15° (2+2 sectors for elbow 90°)
– with angle of 11.25° (3+2 sectors for elbow 90°)

In order to improve the product Eurosoft reserves the right to make changes without notice.

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